Some of Brad's customers say it best:

"Dear Brad: June 8, 2006
I just wanted to drop you a note, a letter really, telling you what an exceptional individual you are. My wife, Father, and I spent the best three days fishing with you on the Columbia River that I have experienced in recent memory. In all my 54 years I have had only a handful of trips that were exactly as advertised. Our time with you was even better than we could have imagined.
The 10 oversize sturgeon we “boated” and released were true relics of the past. It was fantastic to handle fish as old as I am, and quite a bit bigger. Our 2 nine-foot plus sturgeon on the last day were the icing on the cake. These fish are present in such great numbers that it was almost too easy, until you hooked one up, and the fight was on. My dad enjoyed the shad fishing as “fish just his size”. He seemed to have a knack in filling the boat in the last hour of each day. Your boat, tackle and dedication to the sport are all top of the world. The fact that we were the “hot boat” didn’t detract from the experience, at all… next trip see if you can do something about the weather, I’m sure you have some pull. Wet as it was I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. We all would like to give you a big “THANKS”.
We all met with a mutual interest in fishing and a natural friendship developed, please remember to buy the Banana Nut muffins, because they sure attracted the big fish.
Al Teague, Rita and Ted Schall
PS. My dad says it is because firemen are really good people.
Your clients can contact me for references anytime, at the number below.
PH: 530.432.9251 California

We would like to thank you for a great day of Sturgeon fishing. I did not count but I know we must have hooked between twenty five and thirty fish.
Yes we could say it was a trip of a life time, but we intend on coming back. My wife had not been fishing before and yes she wants to go fishing again.
Of course she wants to use your guide service. We were celebrating forty years of marriage on the day we went fishing and we can honestly say this is one anniversary we both will remember. We could not have asked to be treated with more professionalism or kindness. You know how to treat people, making them feel welcome even though they have no idea what they are doing. Your guide service is truly first class and we would recommend it to anyone.
Marvin and Beverly Scow
PS Would you mind providing me with your mailing address as I have something that I would like to send you?

Thursday, June 15, 2006
Subject: Thank You - 6/14/06 fishing trip

To: Brad Hadfield - Guide Service Northwest,

After an excellent day of fishing for sturgeon in the Columbia River estuary, I wanted to thank you again for the great service which you provided for my friends and myself. Your guide service was extraordinary! You kept us in the best fishing holes, provided excellent fishing gear and gave all of us the fishing tips that enabled us to catch some remarkable fish. Your expertise and service is top notch and I will be happy to recommend your service to all of my fishing friends!
Thanks again,
Skylar Masters /
Kalama, WA

"Dennis and I are still talking about our Trophy Sturgeon fishing trip. It was a once in a life time experience for me that I will never forget. You provided a first class guide experience. I have used other guides, but you were the most organized, motivated, and best equipped that I have seen. Also, we liked your appropriate use of computer (kicker) technology to help shave our odds. All in all, we tip our hat to you! On top of it all, you were a true gentleman, very kind and forgiving of us."
James A. Gibson, Ph.D

"What a great day of fishing! We started out catching shad for bait. Noel caught the first one, Tom caught the second. I started catching them left and right (The little one in the picture didn't count) -- then Randy decided it was his turn and caught the rest. We started out with 12 shad to use as bait for the giant oversized sturgeon.
Brad got all four of the baits out and we waited for about 10-20 minutes and started getting nibbles. Finally one took and the fight was on. We caught and released that fish and then went back and put one pole out and Brad was starting to put the second one out when we had another fish on, caught it and went back and put one pole out, had another fish on and caught it went back etc. etc. etc.!
It was unbelievable. We fought fish continuously from then on! I don't remember how many we caught I think it was 6-8 fish. The shortest time for landing one was 1/2 hour and the longest was 1 1/2 hours for a fish that was over 10 feet and weighed according to the chart 550 lbs at 10 feet. I think the chart was off -- the fish had been gorging on shad for 6 weeks and I think they were heavier than that. They all looked fat and healthy. None of the fish were under 8 feet long!
When Brad said we only have time to catch one more, I think we were all relieved. We took turns fighting the fish because none of us could last the whole time! I refused to battle the last one saying, if my arms got any sorer I wouldn't be able to drive home!
We all really enjoyed fishing with Brad, he is an excellent guide, and I highly recommend him for anyone interested in catching oversize sturgeon."

"Thank you for taking such good care of Dr Coyer and myself…the fishing was great …the day was fantastic…I have been recommending you to everyone I know.
If Dr Coyer doesn’t send you the photos let me know I will. I am off to Australia for two weeks …not fishing unfortunately  … Hope to see you in the future"

Michael J, Telepchak
President and CEO
United Chemical Technologies, Inc.

Thanks again for a great day! Smoked a bunch and turned out great! Over 55# filets! Will plan on calling you in the spring to set up sturgeon and Salmon dates.


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